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Вторжение гигантов/ Shingeki no Kyojin

If you want to sincerely speculate along with us as we watch it, then Id encourage you not to read the manga yet. If youd prefer to read ahead, by all means go for it, but please be mindful of what you write about here. We dont really appreciate any leading hints from people who have read ahead. We like figuring things out completely for ourselves. There are people here who go with both approaches, depending on the series. For Shingeki no Kyojin, I believe no one has read ahead. I believe the lists are currently as follows:

Watching & Havent Read Ahead:big bad birthaDopplegangerdosuserkaisap112lilbluecorsolaMi dgeorgeQuicksolverTalon87Watching But Have Also Read Ahead:

Im not sure if deoxys is watching or not. The same goes for other visitors of the Anime forum. But Im pretty sure that of the people Ive listed, none of them have read ahead. This isnt always the case though. For example, kaisap112 and Doppleganger have read ahead for Aku no Hana. Doppleganger had also read ahead for JoJos Bizarre Adventure. Well, "read it back when a new anime adaptation seemed unlikely" is more like it. So it just depends on the series. For this one, I think youd be in a pretty lonely camp if you read ahead since, from the look of things, everyone wants to watch this one without any foreknowledge.
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Аватар для yasonko
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нужно быть Японцем что бы так любить аниме
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